A: John, my brother has taken part in the national college entrance examination and now he needs to fill in a form with the colleges he wants to go to. Do you have any experience?

B: I don’t know much about it. Choosing colleges in the States is quite different from in China.

A: What factors are usually taken into consideration when choosing colleges in the States?

B: First, I need to decide whether I’d choose a public college or a private one.

A: Is there any difference?

B: you bet there is. Private colleges usually have good conditions in every aspect, but the tuition is very high. So I applied for a public one which offered me scholarship. Actually I’d like to choose one near my home so that I could go back home each weekend for a change.

What about colleges in china?

A: it is very different. The public colleges in china have the best condition and high qualitical teachers. Most of students want to enter those, Such as qinghua university and peking university. Compared with the public universities, the private colleges are not very popular for students in china.

B: Oh, it’s very intreseting. And which one your brother wants to go to?

A: I don’t know. Maybe he likes an abroad college. Your suggestion is very useful to me. Thanks a lot.

B: Not at all.