A: Hi,john,I haven’t see you for a long time.

B: Hi, Lucy. It’s nice to see you here! how have you been?

A: Not bad, you seems a little tired, what’ up?

B: Well, nothing special, just a little busy. and I have no time to relax.

A: Oh, what’s your major anyway?

B: Industrial design

A: Well, what do you want to do once you graduate?

B: Uh…,I haven’t decided for sure, my favorite career is teaching. To see the students learn something new and useful .That will make my life much of significant. And the most important, there are good working conditions, free medical care, and much free time and so on.

A: Yes, that career is very good. Two vacations each year, which is envied by lots of people.

B: But, actually, I don’t want spent most of my life in campus. I desire to see a different world, to meet more people and learn something fresh. So maybe I will work in a company first. then, how about you?

A: Well, I’d like to be a doctor. People called this career as “an angel in white”. For me, Intreseting is the most important factor in my work. Medical occupations are much of challenge and passion. I think I could have a good career in that field.

B: wow, great! That’s a holy career. It respected by most people. But being a doctor is not a breeze. You must have a strong interest in studying medicine.

A: Yes, I have to spent much time and energy in studying all subjects of medicine. but I found much fun in it.

B: So,have you had a part-time job in hospital?

A: Yeah. Last year I worked three times a week at a hospital near campus.

B: How did you like your part-time job?

A:  It’s okay. The other workers were friendly, and the pay was well. I have much progress in my major.

B: It’s good way to improve your major. Oh, it’s time for class. See you later.

A:See you later.