A: Good morning, doctor Green.

B: Good morning, John. Oh! You don’t look very well. What’s the matter with you?

A: I feel very tired and have a little headache.

B: Did you stay up all last night?

A: No, I went to bed very early last night because I felt tired. But I couldn’t sleep deeply.

B: That is a serious condition. Take this thermometer first. How long have you been in this status?

A: Let me see. I think a week at least.

B: Now, tell me, besides tired and headache, do you have any other pains?

A: En……my stomach is also not very well. Sometimes, I didn’t want food at all. And, I haven’t good sleeps in each night of the past week.

B: OK. Let me see the thermometer now. Your body temperature is normal. Could you tell me your duty and agenda of last week?

A: Oh! So terrible. I should finish two papers at this weekend. And I just took part in an exam two days earlier. After all, my homework should be hand in tomorrow.

B: So, in the past seven days, you gave yourself too much pressure. Am I right?

A: Oh! Yes!

B: Don’t worry. Your body is not as terrible as you thought. However, the key is your psychology.

A: Psychology of mine?

B: Yeah! It is psychological pressure. You feel anxious because of the heavy work which influent your sleep and diet.

A: Yeah. I know, from now on, I should have more sport exercise regularly and make a reasonable plan to my whole works. Healthy diet and good sleep are also very important to me!

B: And don’t forget keeping happy with yourself.

A: Thank you. I will be OK. Bye doctor Green.

B: Bye John.


A: Hi, John.

B: Hi, Lucy. Tonight the film is very good, isn’t it?

A: Yeah. Forrest Gump is a very emotional film.

B: The words I like most in the film is that: “Life’s like a bar of chocolate. You’ll never know what you are gonna get.” It is a simple sentence but contains abstruse philosophy.

A: Sure. That is the key sentence in this film. And I think the true quality of Gump is his love. The love is the key point of the film.

B: You mean the love between Jenny and Gump?

A: That is only a part, which between lovers. I mean the loves between Jenny and Gump, Gump and his mother, Gump and his friend. Also, the love he gave himself.

B: Oh! That is true. I am also moved by the love between him and his mother. The common woman gave all of her love to the lame boy and brought him to be a success man. The most important, she taught her son life philosophies which always encourage Gump to be a real man.

A: Yeah. She is a great mother.

B: But you said the love he gave himself. What’s that mean? He was almost a little stupid.

A: No, He just didn’t have a high IQ. But he was not stupid. He could persist on doing things which he thought right. And he kept his promises. These are all the performances of his love to himself. Because of this special love, he got achievement.

B: And he got happiness at last. So, the Forrest Gump teaches us not only holding belief but also keeping love in heart.

A: I really agree with you. In this world, love should be full of between us.

B: Yeah. Give help to the people who need it.

A: Take care the old and kids.

B: Love parents and families. I also want to be a person full of love.


A: Hi, john.

B: Hi,lucy. How are things getting on with you these days?

A: Not bad. Thank you, and you?

B: Same as ever. I imagine you are as busy as always.

A: Well, not really. I just finished my mid-term exam last week.

B: Oh, you can have a little vocation. What will you do to enjoy the vocation?

A: I’d like to relax myself. Usually, I maybe go to climb mountains.

B: Wow, it sounds very adventurous.

A: Yes. Climbing mountains is good way to relax. You can enjoy a beautiful scenic spot. And you can just breathe the fresh air when you are at the peak. At that time, all of noise is far away from you, just taste its freshness.

B: Sounds great.

A: Yeah. What about you?

B: I will spend my vocation in enjoying the new movies. I’m a real film buff.

A: What kind of movie do you like best?

B: I take great fancy to action movie, horror movie as well as comedy. I can tell you more than ten movies winning the Oscar Academy Award so far. Such as Patton winning the 1985 Oscar Academy Award; 1987 was Godfather; 1991 was The Silence of the Lambs; 1994 was Forrest Gump…

A: That’s enough. I’m convinced. You are a real film buff. But why don’t you do some exercises? Like play basketball.

B:  I like it. But not usually.

A: You should spend more time at outdoor. Next time do you want to be bit more adventurous? What about going camping?

B: That’s great. Let’s do it!