How Photography Changed Philosophy


书籍英文名: How Photography Changed Philosophy 书籍作者 :Daniel Rubinstein 书籍简介:By analysing the philosophical lineage of notions of representation, time, being, light, exposure, image, and truth, this book argues that photography is the visual manifestation of the philosophical account of how humans encounter beings in the present. Daniel Rubinstein argues that traditional understandings of photography are determined by the notions of verisimilitude and representation, and this limits our understanding of photographic materiality. It is suggested that the photographic image must be closely read not for the objects, events and situations represented in it, but for the insights it affords into the structure of contemporary consciousness. 购买提示:付款后,会在1~8小时内通过邮件发送ebook资源库链接,如有疑问请加微 jinglinwangzi886,谢谢!

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