You have to look like a fool while you’re looking for answers you don’t have. —Dan Waldschmidt

A frequently overlooked aspect of building self-discipline is the fact that if you want to rise above mediocrity, you need to be fine with the fact that you’ll undoubtedly make a fool of yourself every now and then.

Perhaps you tell all of your friends that you’re going to build a business, but the business goes bankrupt and you lose all of your savings.

Maybe you set a goal to harness the power of your self-discipline to learn public speaking (even though you’re terrified of standing in front of the crowds), and then deliver a less than stellar performance.

This is normal — you have to fail your way to the success — but for many people, it’s a blow they can’t withstand. They might be so harmed by it that they’ll do anything to avoid future humiliation — including giving up on their goals. Failure, rejection, and humiliation are anything but pleasant. However, the ability to withstand it and keep going is one of the key differences between successful individuals and those who fail to make their dreams come true.

As disagreeable as it can be, accept that occasionally looking like a fool as a part of the process of becoming a successful person. Fortunately, the more often you voluntarily expose yourself to rejection, humiliation or failure, the easier it will be to handle the feelings they generate.


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