There is just something wrong with getting up every day and moving through your existence with the least possible ef ort. If your expectations are always those of someone content to live without physical challenge, then when it comes time for mental, moral, or emotional challenge,
you fail to meet it because you are out of practice. —Mark Rippetoe

I consider physical exercise a fundamental habit for every person who wants to build self￾discipline and achieve their goals. Granted, not everyone has the health required for strenuous physical activity, but there’s always some kind of effort you can undertake to move your body in a beneficial way.

In addition to obvious health benefits, physical activity provides another immense benefit: it’s an exercise in exposing yourself to effort and challenge for the sake of bettering yourself. As Mark Rippetoe states in the quote, living your life without physical challenges makes you rusty when it comes to dealing with other types of challenges — including mental, moral, or emotional challenges that sometimes require more strength than a fitness workout does.

How often do you avoid effort when it would have been beneficial to face it? If you’re content to live an easy, effortless life, are you also content to live your life without ever realizing your full potential as a human being that has evolved to thrive in a challenging environment?


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