Chess for Beginners


书籍英文名: Chess for Beginners

书籍作者 :Michael Basman

书籍简介:Master the art of chess and never lose a game again Do you know your bishops from your knights? Or when castling is the best move? How about the best way to counter the Queen’s Gambit?

In Chess for Kids international master and renowned chess tutor Michael Basman shows you everything you need to know to improve your tactics and win more games. From the history of chess and the aim of the game to essential tactics and taking your skills even further in clubs, tournaments, and championships, Chess for Kids covers it all. Before explaining techniques, the book gives you the lowdown on each piece to boost your understanding of its value, power and importance. Chess board graphics illustrate different scenarios so you can visualize different moves and their potential outcomes and learn the best move to make in any given situation. Let Chess for Kids and International Master Michael Basman turn you into a champion chess player.


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