Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more. —Jack Benny

Whenever the topic of winning the lottery comes up in a conversation, I always say that what so many people consider the biggest blessing in their entire lives is actually the biggest curse for most people. Let me explain why, but first, some curious facts…

The numbers are terrifying. According to 2015 research from The Pew Charitable Trusts,  percent of respondents don’t have enough liquid savings to cover an unexpected $2,000 cost (such as a medical emergency) and a typical household can’t replace even one month of income with liquid savings.

It’s important to note we aren’t talking about people living in poverty; the same respondents are the ones buying new homes, cars, TVs, smartphones, and other gadgets. The reason for their lack of savings isn’t lack of income; it’s lack of self-discipline.

While a small percentage of respondents probably do exercise some kind of financial self￾control, a great majority doesn’t. What do you think? How likely would they be to exercise self￾discipline with money upon winning the lottery if they can’t manage their finances now? Even if they
won millions of dollars, later on they would be in the same spot as they are today — if not in an evenworse situation. That’s why winning the lottery — the dream of so many — can actually be the biggest curse.

For this reason, no matter how well off you are today, it’s of crucial importance to start saving your money now if you aren’t doing so already. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving ten dollars or ten thousand dollars a month; it’s the habit that counts. When your financial situation improves (and as a person interested in building self-discipline, it most likely will), it will ensure that you continue exerting self-control with money.


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