Vocabulary and success

Your boss has a bigger vocabulary than you have. That’s one good reason why he’s your boss.

This discovery has been made in the word laboratories of the world. Not by theoretical English professors, but by practical ,hard-headed scholars who have been searching for the secrets of success.

After a host of experiments and years of testing they found out:

That if your vocabulary is limited your chances of success are limited.

That one of the easiest and quickest ways to get ahead is by consciously building up your knowledge of words.

That the vocabulary of the average person almost stops growing by the middle twentis.

And that from then on it is necessary to have an intelligent plan if progress is to be made. No haphazard hit-or-miss methods will do.

It has long since been satisfactorily established that a high executive does not have a large vocabulary merely because of the opportunities of his position. That would be putting the cart before the horse. Quite the reverse is true. His skill in words was a tremendous help in getting him his job.


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