Five important skills for employees

1-Technical and technology skills will take on greater importantance.there will be growing need for people who can understand and fix systems- from computer system to product distridution systems to plumbing systems.

2-Visionary skills will be in demand. The ability to gather and absorb a wide range of input,then use that knowledge, understanding ,and perspective to guide organization into future, will be vital.

3-Numbers and measures will be important, of course, but smoothing the flow from month to month ,from quarter to quarter will be essential for highly profitable long-term performance.

4-Ability to organize will definitely be important in the corporation of the future. Everywhere there will be a need to organize something: resources,workflow, marketing mix ,financial opportunities ,and much more, all will demand high levels of organization and reorganization.

5-Persuasive skills will be used in many ways by the corporation of the future, the most-effective individuals will be those who know how to present information and ideas so that others can understand and support a particular position. Good salesmanship will be essential in many more interactions than we consider today, especially inside the organization.


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