Anger Therapy

According to health experts,anger is defined as “ an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage”

Anger can be brought on by other external or Internal factors. Anger can come about as the result of a fight ,a traffic jam,a run in with the boss and even a past memory of a hurt suffered can cause anger.
Recognizing when you are angry and finding ways to control the emotion are very important. Anger can be constructive to a point but can very easily lead to destructive behavior.

Developing better problem solving skills is one way to control anger. Sometimes anger takes place in relation to circumstances that a person can not control. When this happens, make a concise plan about how to deal with the problem and then pay attention to your progress in coping with the situation at hand. Do the best you can but do not beat yourself up if things do not go as planned. Just keep on trying your best.

Control anger by taking yourself out of the environment that is a breeding ground for more anger. Always take a breather from stressful times and schedule some personal time for yourself everyday,even if it is just an hour per day. Do something you enjoy or something that makes you happy,such as reading a book ,watching a movie ,taking a walk,relaxing in the bathtub,gardening ,going window shopping ,and so on.