When I meet someone, I consider how normal their life is. I do this not because it’s a one hundred percent accurate heuristic on how much I’ll respect someone, but because it’s damn close.If you have a totally normal life, then there are only two possibilities: you’ve thought through every aspect of your life and miraculously agree with society on each one, or you don’t think at all. I try not to associate with people who don’t think. —Tynan

Self-discipline is hard to attain, and because it’s not common, sooner or later somebody will deem your behaviors abnormal. I maintain a healthy weight and physique, but I still fast for 16 to 20 hours daily, and abstain
from food for 36 hours or more every several weeks.

My relationship with food is often criticized by other people. If I don’t stuff my face with food every three hours, then surely I’ve developed an eating disorder. The norm is to eat often, and if your behavior differs from it, you’re weird. However, I do what I consider to be best for me, and I refuse to follow different eating habits merely because it’s the most common way of doing things.

It’s difficult to trust your own judgment when everybody around you is doing something different,but if everything you do is in accordance with society’s norms, then what you’re going to get is the same results as everybody else does who follows those norms.

So what if others think it’s weird that you’d rather save money instead of buying a new car every two years!You’re the one who has less financial stress, even if it costs you a little to reject the temptation to spend money unnecessarily.

So what if you’re not partying every weekend like everybody else and instead work hard to grow your business? You’re the one who will eventually enjoy wealth, while those others will complain about their finances for the rest of their lives.


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