2204 Hunter Lane


书籍英文名: 2204 Hunter Lane

书籍作者 :Marie-France Leger

书籍简介:Marley Matthews screwed up. Following a drunken night of pleasure, she decides to abandon her glamorous New York City lifestyle and move to Nebraska with a man who quickly betrays her, leaving her hopeless with no one to turn to.
After driving in the night to escape the life she pursued, Marley ends up stranded in front of a farmhouse owned by the Lanes. Payton Lane, a kind stepmother, kindly takes her in until she gets back on her feet, but her stepson, Hunter, is very reluctant to Marley and does not make it any easier on her when she decides to accept Payton’s offer. But there’s more to Hunter than what he projects, and Marley begins to think that she may have found someone even more broken than she was. TW: Drunk driving, loss of a loved one, alcohol abuse, mental health/insecurity, body image and toxic family dynamic.

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