The Complete Sailing Manual


书籍英文名: The Complete Sailing Manual

书籍作者 :Steve Sleight, Ben Ainslie

书籍简介:Whether you’re a seasoned seafarer or just starting out, this fully revised and updated sailing manual is perfect for all levels of experience. Learn how to handle any sailing situation with thorough coverage of all aspects of sailing and boat ownership.
Inside the pages of this new edition of the go-to guide about sailing and boat maintenance, you’ll discover:
• Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of sailing practice written by an expert sailor
• Fully updated contents with the latest information and advice, and technological developments
• A chapter by chapter approach that functions as a complete tuition course on seamanship
• Authoritative text, clear, annotated diagrams, and action photographs
• A reliable, instant, and user-friendly handbook for any sailing situation
• Foreword by quadruple Olympic gold medalist, Sir Ben Ainslie


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