Secrets of the Animator


书籍英文名: Secrets of the Animator

书籍作者 :Julia Peguet

书籍简介:Written based on the author’s own notes compiled over 18 yearsthis work is intended for both animation students and professionals.

This manual is a learning tool focusing exclusively on the work of animators. It provides all the keys to understanding the principles of motion and how to transfer them to characters, whether drawn or modeled, 2D or 3D, or human or animal.

Julia Peguet explains the principles of physics applicable to any motion (animation curve, momentum, rebound, etc.) and provides practical tips for stabilizing a puppet, animating a character’s mouth and eyes, or even making a character stand out with a particular gait.

Sketches and photographs illustrate technical recommendations step by step.Exercises and boxes containing tips and notes are also provided


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