Tomorrow’s Agriculture: “NFT Hydroponics”-Grow within Your Budget


书籍英文名: Tomorrow’s Agriculture: “NFT Hydroponics”-Grow within Your Budget

书籍作者 :Stephanie Mohammed

书籍简介:This book provides discussion on the importance of hydroponics with particular focus on the nutrient film technique for the production of premium, fresh vegetables in a highly economically feasible method. It highlights this culture of growing as one of the most efficient agricultural practices for a sustainable market and also addresses the numerous challenges faced in the production of crops grown in soil.Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics describes detailed instructions on the set up of an efficient system, including applications for lower budgets, new business ventures, and gives a detailed outline for the construction of an ideal hydroponic system. It also reveals the secrets to turning a hydroponic system into a profitable business by providing the necessary templates for tracking a successful endeavor. This book also contains references for further reading and a comprehensive index.


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