Training cross-country skiing


书籍英文名: Training cross-country skiing

书籍作者 :Katrin Barth, Hubert Brühl, Petra Haynes

书籍简介:You have learned to ski and would now like to start cross-country skiing? Then Training Cross-country Skiing is the ideal training companion for you. The question “Training correctly, but how?” is answered in an age-appropriate and sophisticated manner. Descriptions of the most important techniques are included and you find out how to learn these step by step, how to recognize mistakes and how to correct them. The focus is on the importance of goals and motives, the development of competitive strength, and how to cope with performance pressure. you will learn about the importance of physical fitness, how to improve it, and how to keep a record of your personal performance. Beyond that there is much important information on skiing, health, and nutrition. Read more…


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