AI for the Sustainable Development Goals (AI for Everything)


书籍英文名: AI for the Sustainable Development Goals (AI for Everything)

书籍作者 :Henrik Skaug Sætra

书籍简介: What is artificial intelligence? What are the Sustainable Development Goals? How does AI affect the SDGs?

Artificial Intelligence has a real impact on our lives and on our environment, and the Sustainable Development Goals enable us to evaluate these impacts in a systematic manner. This book shows that doing so requires us to understand the context of AI – the infrastructure it is built on, who develops it, who owns it, who has access to it, who uses it, and what it is used for – rather than relying on an isolationist theory of technology. By doing so we can analyze the direct effects of AI on sustainability, but also the indirect – or second order – effects. AI for the Sustainable Development Goals shows how AI potentially affects all SDGs. Positively, but also negatively.


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