Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities


书籍英文名: Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities

书籍作者 :David Walters, Linda Brown

书籍简介: Well-grounded in the history and theory of Anglo-American urbanism, this illustrated textbook sets out objectives, policies and design principles for planning new communities and redeveloping existing urban neighborhoods. Drawing from their extensive experience, the authors explain how better plans (and consequently better places) can be created by applying the three-dimensional principles of urban design and physical place-making to planning problems. Design First uses case studies from the authors’ own professional projects to demonstrate how theory can be turned into effective practice, using concepts of traditional urban form to resolve contemporary planning and design issues in American communities. The book is aimed at architects, planners, developers, planning commissioners, elected officials and citizens — and, importantly, students of architecture and planning — with the objective of reintegrating three-dimensional design firmly back into planning practice. ·Focus and emphasis on planning by 3-D design ·Clear and practical presentation of how communities can improve their town planning processes ·Case studies illustrate the practice and implementation of ideas


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