AI for Learners (AI for Everything)


书籍英文名: AI for Learners (AI for Everything)

书籍作者 :

书籍简介: What is artificial intelligence? How can AI help a learner? What are the positive impacts of AI on human learning?

AI for Learners examines how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can, and should, impact positively on human learning, whether it be in formal or informal educational and training contexts. The notion of “can” is bound up with ongoing technological developments. The notion of “should” is bound up with an ethical stance that recognises the complimentary capabilities of human and artificial intelligence, as well as the objectives of doing good, not doing harm, increasing justice and maintaining fairness. The book considers the different supporting roles that can help a learner – from AI as a peer to AI as a tutor and AI as an assessor, among others – and examines both the opportunities and risks associated with each.


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