Consensus Design


书籍英文名: Consensus Design

书籍作者 :Christopher Day, Rosie Parnell BA (architecture) DipArch

书籍简介:Consensus Design offers a practical step by step guide to Christopher Day’s unique brand of inclusive design, showing that there is a rewarding and effective alternative to conventional top-down design processes.This though-provoking book argues that consensus design is the only meaningful way to involve people in shaping the places where they live and work. Inclusive design has far-reaching benefits, influencing social stability, crime-reduction, personal health and building longevity, all of which in turn have monetary and environmental cost implications.Consensus design is not just a utopian ideal, nor does it lead to bland compromise, but to quality architecture. With clear and functional advice, Day identifies the methodology of the process and then develops a series of core principles and practical steps, illustrating how inclusive projects can be established. For easy reference, flow charts show the process of achieving consensus design and include variations for different types of project and different groups of people. A number of case studies are also feature, including projects in the UK, US and Sweden, illustrating inclusive principles in practice.


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