The Zuni Cafe Cookbook


书籍英文名: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

书籍作者 :Rodgers, Judy

书籍简介:Chef-owner Judy Rogers offers a collection of 250 diverse recipes along with explanations of each preparation step and ideas on roasting, pastry-making, braising, and the importance of tasting.;Acknowledgements — Introduction — What to think about before you start, & while you are cooking — Deciding what to cook — The habit of tasting, & finding flavor balance — The practice of salting early — On weighing & measuring — Consider your tools — Choosing the wines by Gerald Asher — Stocks & the sauces they make possible — Dishes to start a meal — Leafy salads — Soups — Eggs — Starchy dishes — Vegetables, savory fruit dishes, pickles & preserves — Sauces & relishes — Seafood — Poultry — Beer, lamb, pork, & rabbit — Sausage & charcuterie — A simple cheese course — Desserts & pastry — Notes on frequently used ingredients & related techniques — Sources & Resources — Selected bibliography — Index.


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