The NoMad Cookbook


书籍英文名: The NoMad Cookbook

书籍作者 :Daniel Humm & Will Guidara & Leo Robitschek

书籍简介:From the authors of the acclaimed cookbooks Eleven Madison Park and I Love New York comes this uniquely packaged cookbook, featuring recipes from the wildly popular restaurant and, as an added surprise, a hidden back panel that opens to reveal a separate cocktail book.
Chef Daniel Humm and his business partner Will Guidara are the proprietors of two of New York’s most beloved and pioneering restaurants: Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad. Their team is known not only for its perfectly executed, innovative cooking, but also for creating extraordinary, genre-defying dining experiences. The NoMad Cookbooktranslates the unparalleled and often surprising food and drink of the restaurant into book form. What appears to be a traditional cookbook is in fact two books in one: upon opening, readers discover that the back half contains false pages in which a smaller cocktail recipe book is hidden. The result is a wonderfully unexpected collection of both…


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