Business Analysis Methodology Book


书籍英文名: Business Analysis Methodology Book

书籍作者 :Emrah Yayici

书籍简介:As a Quick Guide to Business Analysis, the book explains international techniques and tools such as:

– User stories     – Use cases     – MVP (minimum viable product)     – Requirements documents     – User interface prototypes     – Lean UX (user experience) design     – Vision and scope documents     – Business cases     – Feasibility analysis     – Personas and user profiles     – Product backlogs     – Usability tests     – Value proposition

that can be used in developing and releasing:
– Software,     – Business solutions,     – Technological products,     – Mobile applications,     – E-businesses and,     – Business processes

within tight project deadlines by applying “lean” principles.

A real life case study with sample project documents and diagrams is used to more practically explain these international tools, techniques, and lean principles to a broad range of practitioners, including:
– Business analysts, systems analysts, developers and project managers
– Entrepreneurs, product owners and product managers
– Consultants, UX designers and marketing specialists
– C-suite executives, investors and managers of companies of all sizes.


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