How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations


书籍英文名: How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations

书籍作者 :Ann Reardon

a fun-filled step-by-step dessert cookbook, Ann Reardon teaches you how
to create delicious and impressive pastries, cakes and sweet creations.

Join food scientist Ann Reardon, host of the award-winning YouTube series How to Cook That, as she explores Crazy Sweet Creations. An
accomplished pastry chef, Reardon draws millions of baking fans
together each week, eager to learn the secrets of her extravagant cakes,
chocolates, and eye-popping desserts. Her warmth and sense of fun in
the kitchen shines through on every page as she reveals the science
behind recreating your own culinary masterpieces.

For home cooks and fans who love their desserts, cakes, and ice creams to look amazing and taste even better. Take your culinary creations to influencer status, you’ll also:

  • Learn to make treats that get the whole family cooking
  • Create baked goods that tap into beloved pop culture trends
  • Impress guests with beautiful desserts

Readers of dessert cookbooks like Mary Berry’s Baking Bible by Mary Berry, Cake Confidence by Mandy Merriman, or Pastry Love by Joanne Chang will love How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations.


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