The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done


书籍英文名:The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done

书籍作者:Monica Ramirez Basco PhD

书籍简介:Everyone waits till the last minute sometimes. But many procrastinators pay a significant price, from poor job performance to stress, financial problems, and relationship conflicts. Fortunately, just as anyone can endlessly delay, anyone can learn how to stop! Cognitive-behavioral therapy expert Monica Ramirez Basco shows exactly how in this motivating guide. Dr. Basco peppers the book with easy-to-relate-to examples from “recovering procrastinators”–including herself. Inviting quizzes, exercises, and practical suggestions help you:*Understand why you procrastinate.*Start with small changes that lead to big improvements.*Outsmart your own delaying tactics.*Counteract self-doubt and perfectionism.*Build crucial skills for getting things done today. (20091229)


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