书籍作者:Peter Senge

书籍简介:Radical and hopeful – Presence synthesises cutting-edge thinking, firsthand knowledge and ancient wisdom Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future gives the reader an intimate look at the development of a new theory about change and learning. A book built around a series of wide-ranging conversations over a year and a half, Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski, and Flowers explore their own experiences and those of one hundred and fifty scientists and social and business entrepreneurs in an effort to explain how profound collective change occurs. Their journey of discovery articulates a new way. Read more… Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Introduction; Of Parts and Wholes; The Emergence of Living Institutions; New Ways of Thinking About Learning; The Field of the Future; Presence; About This Book; Part 1 Learning to See; 1. The Requiem Scenario; 2. Seeing Our Seeing; The Capacity to Suspend; Suspending Together; Building a Container; The Courage to See Freshly; The Inner Work of Suspending; Integrating Inner Work; 3. Seeing from the Whole; Redirection: Seeing the Generative Process; Encountering the Authentic Whole; Seeing from Within an Organization. The Inner Work of Redirecting4. Seeing with the Heart; Part 2 Into the Silence; 5. The Generative Moment; 6. An Emerging Understanding; The Seeds of a Theory; A Second Type of Learning; Sensing; Presencing; Realizing; 7. The Eye of the Needle: Letting Go and Letting Come; A Question from the Heart; Surrendering Control; Primary Knowing; The Alien Self; Surrendering into Commitment; 8. The Wedding; Part 3 Becoming a Force of Nature; 9. In the Corridor of Dreams; 10. The Grand Will; Crystallizing Intent; Seeds Are Small; Intentional Work; Awakening; 11. In Dialogue with the Universe. PrototypingCreating and Adjusting; Listening to Feedback; Rediscovering Purpose; Staying Connected; Synchronicity; 12. Realizing and the Craft of Institution Building; Part 4 Meeting Our Future; 13. Leadership: Becoming a Human Being; 14. Science Performed with the Mind of Wisdom; Fragmentation; Measurement; Unbroken Wholeness; The Blind Spot; A Reflexive Science of Living Systems; Science Performed with the Mind of Wisdom; Our Faustian Bargain: Shifting the Burden to Modern Science and Technology; A New Path; 15. Presence; Epilogue: “With Man Gone, Will There Be Hope For Gorilla?”; Notes. AcknowledgmentsAbout the Authors; About the Organizations; Index; Reader Comments


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